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NOVEL: the story of Centerra

The Beginning of Ages

“Everything at the beginning, It was all just a messy hollow.”

Story : Re-Peat Again

Illust : Bytomtypl

          long time ago, there was a supreme being called “Diviner”, who’d traveled through the endless universe; drifting and wandering around an eternity before they discovered a potential planet that, to be precise, obtained the most powerful soul matter ever been discovered. They, the Diviner, then, decided to settle down and started to build their world. They called this planet “Zenterra” which was meant to be the center of all existence.

    For safety, the Diviner decided to remove “Astral”- the soul matter, away from the planet and reserved it inside an overlap dimension that was specially made for. They call it the “River of soul”. Astral power was an essential source of the universe, stored in every breath of life. Its intensity consistent depended on the area. It was the birth of everything. Astral contained two parts which were dark and light; mixing, circling until they couldn’t be apart, controlled, nor freely created. It was the force that could make every possibility possible. Hence, the Diviner chose it to be the essential resource to create soul of all lives.

     All life forms were being created by the Diviner. For them to be able to observe and choose the suitable structure, they started from the base of the pyramid of life such as animals. Then, the first Garden of Eden was completed shortly afterward. The first Zenterra inhabitant was primal. Then, the Diviner moved on to the next procedure.

     The Diviner’s true desire was to create an intelligent form of life that was able to start their own civilization. They decided to use themselves as a production prototype. Hence, the new life forms were highly influenced by their creator and turned out to be a great success. The being that dominantly absorbed Astral light energy was called ‘fae’. The other, which absorbed most of the dark energy was the ‘demon’ and the exceptional being that contained both energy equally balanced were the ‘human’. The mixture of Astral energy in each being was obtained originally since birth and could be developed from their life experience.

                Since then, human, fae, and demon became the majority of Zenterrian. They built their territory on this plentifully ground that was prepared by the Diviner. It was the glorious era that could be called the 2nd Eden. It was full of luster and triumph. Every soul followed the lead of their creator and was generously received knowledge from their supreme creator. Whether it be Art, Philosophy, or Magic. The Zenterrian worshiped the Diviner as their guardian- almost equally to deity, hoping that one day their afterlife could become one of the Diviner and received this eternal life and supreme power as well. During this era, every races had graciously lived in harmony for a long time.

     The Diviner also had their social classification as well. The lowest rank Diviner was the ‘Diva’ that took the majority of Diviners population. They were the closest to the Zenterrian since their power were not as powerful. The ‘Deus’ were the higher rank that obtained greater power. They had fewer number. However, they took the important part of Zenterra structure. Lastly, the ‘Deity’, the highest position among diviners. There was only a handful of them, but they could determine the possibility of all things. Deities were the most exalted in the eyes of all the creatures of Zenterra. And was highly worshiped

     As for the government structure, even though deities had equal hierarchy, there was only one female diviner who took care of all things. She was the greatest soul above all. Her name was distinctly called in many civilizations. But most deities called her a highest esteemed position, The God.

     Blinded, the little brother who believed in the serpent, turning his sword towards the goddess- his beloved older sister. Lucifer had invited many lives and also some diviners to join his demon troop- the harmful creatures, crawling inside another distorted and enraged dimension. It was unknown how this hell looked like or how long has it begun.

     The first war among deity race of Zenterra had begun and all that left were such deep wounds on the surface of the earth.

     By the end of the war, even the demons were defeated, the greatest price of the goddess’s life was also was paid in exchange. The remaining diviners, leaded by the Seven Seraphims who inherited a duty as guardians of the law, permanently sealed Lucifer and his troop inside the Void. Unfortunately, the seeds of sin were already scattered all over the land of Zenterra.

     Before the sinners were sealed, Lucifer had left three monsters created from the parts his very own self. They were the world destroyers, sleeping inside the abyss, waiting for either the Diviner to grow tired or the day that all lives became sinners. They will be awaken from slumber and destroyed Zenterra, the beloved land of all diviners as their revenge.

     The thought of sinner which was introduced to this world including monsters, followers of demon still creep around Zenterra, creating disaster and fear to all inhabitant. The second Eden garden was totally destroyed. Moreover, the demon also used dark magic to rip the balance of Astral apart, damaging the bridge to the River of Soul, creating many remaining lost souls on the land of Zenterra ever since.

     During the loss of Zenterra’s supreme leader, the Diviner started to scatter in small groups. The main groups were the Brahmin- diviners who played a huge role of creating Zenterra, Aegyptus- An ancient ascenders and Asgard- The mighty, even the ‘Kami’ also detached themselves from their formal group (Angel) to created their own nation on Zenterra.

     All Diviner realized that their existence on this land as well as their power could possibly be the urge that leaded to another disastrous. They, then, decided to separate themselves from Zenterra to another cloned dimension called ‘Heaven’ to look after all life from afar.

    After the withdrawal of their rulers, other races started to create their own civilization which mostly still followed the Diviner’s old tradition. Eversince the separation, the way of civility  developed differently, starting to distributed into three large continents as well as the process of lifting lands, creating the floating island in which became another continent later on. Hence, another life on the third Eden Garden began.

Therefore, the story continues...


     The story of the Zenterra supposed to continue as contented until the serpent of sin appeared on the history book. Nobody knew who it was or where it came from. The serpent, full of devious became friends with Lucifer- the brother of god whose disposition was the chief patronus deity. He was incumbent on the law of Zenterra. Unfortunately, the serpent got Lucifer’s mind and heart and distort to the different path of life.